Penetration Testing

Let our ethical hackers check how your current infrastructure and/or web applications stand up against the latest cyber threats.

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Qualified in-house penetration testers

By simulating a hacker or malicious entity, we’ll attempt to gain access to your business systems to identify points of weakness. Thorough checks will ensure that your working environments are properly secured. Our customer-centric approach to penetration testing guarantees that all testing is tailored specifically to each client, ensuring a value for money assessment is conducted at every stage.

Initial Consultations

We conduct highly focused pre-testing engagement with our clients to make sure all testing activity is directly contributing to improving security and satisfying commercial requirements. This enables us to keep the price at an affordable level.

Flexible approach

We can conduct testing on premises or remotely, depending on your requirements. This enables us to adapt to your working arrangements without a detrimental effect on testing performance.

Passion and Dedication

Our team of passionate in-house penetration testers love what they do, and have dedicated many years of professional development to hone their skills and experience in their specialist area. We keep up a rigorous training regime to ensure our methods are completely up to date at all times.

Features of penetration testing

Our ethical hackers will help you identify weaknesses in your cyber defences before criminals do.

Our penetration tests are carried out by one of our qualified security consultants. Once complete, we’ll use our expertise to advise on adjustments that need to be made to your computer systems to ensure that criminals cannot follow the same process that we did to access your data.


Rely on our experience.

We are able to carry out web application penetration testing and infrastructure penetration testing. Using our well-recognised methodologies and techniques, we ensure that our clients get the most out of the testing process.

This will identify key flaws in your firewall, domain, email server, any more?, ensuring that you can take the essential steps to securing your systems.


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