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Assure Technical becomes a CREST Penetration Testing service provider

We are delighted to announce that Assure Technical successfully achieved CREST Penetration service provider status. This is a significant achievement that establishes us as a reputable and experienced Penetration Testing provider.

This blog provides; an overview of what penetration testing is, what it means to be a CREST penetration Testing service provider, the key reasons why companies carry out a penetration test and what you should consider when choosing a Penetration Testing supplier.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing, also know as pen testing, is a type of cybersecurity assessment that involves simulated attacks on a company’s computer systems, networks, and applications. It is an essential tool for companies to assess their cybersecurity stance.

What is a CREST Penetration Testing service provider?

Being a CREST Penetration Testing service provider means that a company or organisation has been accredited by CREST (Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers) to provide professional penetration testing services.

Penetration testing involves simulating a cyber-attack on a system or network to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker. CREST is a not-for-profit organization that sets standards for the cybersecurity industry, and their accreditation process ensures that companies providing these services have demonstrated a high level of technical expertise and ethical behaviour.

As a CREST Penetration Testing service provider, Assure Technical is required to adhere to strict ethical standards and maintain the confidentiality of our clients’ data. We must have a team of qualified and experienced professionals who can perform penetration testing to a high standard.

Overall, being a CREST Penetration Testing service provider signifies a level of trust and professionalism in the cybersecurity industry, providing assurance to clients that their systems and networks are being tested and secured by a reputable and accredited organisation.

Key reasons why companies conduct Penetration tests

Key reasons why companies conduct pen tests include:

  • Identifying vulnerabilities: Pen testing helps companies identify potential vulnerabilities in their systems that could be exploited by cybercriminals or hackers. It allows them to fix these vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers.

  • Compliance requirements: Companies are being increasingly required by industry regulations or standards to conduct regular pen tests to ensure that their systems meet the required security standards. Quite often, these pentests are required to be carried out by reputable companies, such as CREST Penetration Testing service providers.

  • Risk assessment: Penetration testing can help companies understand the risks associated with their systems and prioritise security measures accordingly. It enables them to assess the potential impact of a security breach and plan appropriate responses.

  • Demonstrating due diligence: Conducting regular pen tests can demonstrate that a company is taking its cybersecurity responsibilities seriously and has taken reasonable steps to protect its assets and data.

  • Continuous improvement: Pen testing can be part of an ongoing cybersecurity program, helping companies continually improve their security posture and stay ahead of evolving threats.

Key considerations when choosing a Pen testing supplier

Choosing a penetration testing supplier requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure that you are getting a reputable and competent service provider. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Determine your testing needs: Before selecting a penetration testing supplier, you must first determine the type of testing you need. Are you looking for an external or internal assessment? Do you have specific compliance requirements? Having a clear understanding of your testing requirements will help you select a supplier that can meet your needs.

  • Research potential suppliers: Look for suppliers that specialise in penetration testing and have experience working with organisations similar to yours. Consider their certifications and credentials. Read reviews and feedback from previous clients to get a sense of their capabilities and reputation.

  • Evaluate their testing methodology: Ensure that the supplier has a defined methodology for conducting penetration testing that aligns with industry standards and best practices. Ask them to provide you with a sample report to see how they document their findings and recommendations.

  • Consider their expertise: Look for suppliers that have experience in your industry and can understand your unique risks and vulnerabilities. Check their team’s expertise and experience to ensure they have the necessary skills to perform the testing.

  • Evaluate their reporting and communication: Penetration testing reports can be technical and complex, so look for a supplier that can present their findings in a clear and understandable manner. Ensure that the supplier can communicate their results to technical and non-technical stakeholders effectively.

  • Assess their compliance: If you have specific compliance requirements, make sure the supplier can comply with the relevant standards.

  • Consider their cost and timeline: Finally, evaluate the supplier’s pricing and timeline for delivering the testing. Ensure that their cost aligns with your budget, and their timeline fits with your schedule.

Key reasons why you should consider Assure Technical for your Pentesting Testing needs

  • We offer a comprehensive Penetration Testing service: regardless of your requirement, we can provide you with the service you require. Whether it be firewall, websites, APIs or infrastructure testing, we will work in partnership with you to understand your objectives and find the most effective solutions to meet your needs.

  • We are credible and reputable: as a CREST Penetration Testing service provider you can trust in our credentials. Our verified 4.9* Trustpilot rating provides extra reassurance that you are in safe hands.

  • We have a robust testing methodology: We use a combination of automated and manual techniques and follow the same methodology used by NCSC and NIST. This ensures that the tests we conduct are through and accurate.

  • We have an experienced UK based team of in-house experts: Our ethical hackers are certified professionals with significant experience across a wide range of industries and clients

  • We provide pragmatic and jargon-free solutions: As a business, we pride ourselves in keeping security simple. We cut out the jargon to deliver honest, professional and upfront technical solutions

  • We comply with relevant standards: As a business are certified with Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO 9001 and IASME Cyber Assurance (which is a recognised alternative to ISO27001)

  • We offer competitive and transparent pricing and timeframes: We have a clear and transparent pricing structure, which is calculated based on the number of days a project will take. We will also be honest about the timeframes we can meet.

To find out more information about our Penetration Testing service please get in touch.

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