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Penetration Testing

Let our team of experienced in-house penetration testers identify weaknesses in your IT systems before criminals do.

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Benefits of working with Assure Technical

Our team of passionate ethical hackers love what they do and have dedicated many years of professional development to hone their skills and experience. By simulating a hacker or malicious entity, we'll attempt to gain access to your IT systems, identify weaknesses and provide a roadmap to help minimise your risk from a cyber attack.

CREST Accreditation

As a CREST Accredited penetration testing service provider, you can trust our credentials and methodology to identify weaknesses in your systems.

Trustpilot Assure Technical

4.9* Trustpilot rating

We’re proud to have received hundreds of verified 5* reviews from our clients on Trustpilot. When you work with Assure Technical, you can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands.

Flexible penetration testing

Tailored approach

We conduct a pre-testing engagement and offer a bespoke service to ensure we provide maximum benefit to your business in the most cost-effective way.

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Key penetration testing benefits

Detect security vulnerabilities

Uncover security weaknesses in your systems, networks, applications and other infrastructure components before malicious attackers can exploit them.

Vulnerability scanning

Effective cyber risk mitigation

Understand your weaknesses and develop a roadmap for security improvements that will best protect your business against future cyber attacks.

Strengthen customer confidence

Increase customer confidence

Regular penetration testing demonstrates you have a commitment to security, reassuring your customers and stakeholders that their data is safe in your hands.

Supply chain compliance

Gain access to the growing number of government and commercial contracts that require a penetration test to prove your systems are secure.

penetration testing report

Meet insurance criteria

An increasing number of insurance providers require organisations to conduct regular penetration tests to meet their eligibility criteria for their policies.

Comply with regulatory standards

Regular penetration testing can be a legal requirement, and crucial aspects of industry-specific and other standard compliance.

Infrastructure penetration testing

Infrastructure penetration testing

Our infrastructure penetration testing service evaluates the security posture of your organisation’s IT infrastructure hardware, software, and network systems.  

During a penetration test, real-world attacks are safely simulated on your network, systems and applications to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses by our experienced team of UK-based ethical hackers. 

Our assessment examines your network’s security controls and configurations, including firewalls, routers, switches, and servers. Our goal is to identify potential entry points for attackers and provide recommendations for improving security controls. 

Infrastructure penetration testing is essential for organisations to ensure the protection of their data, preventing costly data breaches. Due to the potential risks associated with a cyber attack, many insurance policies and supply chains now require that an up-to-date penetration test is performed. 

By identifying and resolving vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them, organisations can minimise the risk of a successful cyber attack and avoid future security incidents.

  • Enjoy expert support throughout the process 
  • Includes cyber advice for 12 months

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Web application penetration testing

Web application penetration testing

Our web application penetration testing service is a security assessment that aims to identify any vulnerabilities or weaknesses within your web-based application. These applications, such as online banking platforms or e-commerce sites, often deal with sensitive data and financial transactions, making them a prime target for cyber attackers. 

Our team of highly experienced UK-based in-house penetration testers will safely simulate real-life attacks to uncover potential security flaws and provide recommendations for remediation. 

The testing process typically involves a combination of manual and automated techniques, which may include scanning for known vulnerabilities, inputting malicious data, and attempting various types of attacks. 

Where cyber criminals would approach a weakness in your organisation’s cyber defence as a vulnerability to exploit, our team of trusted ethical hackers are driven by the objective of finding these same weaknesses in order to safeguard your network from potential future attacks.

By conducting regular web application penetration testing, organisations can ensure the security and integrity of their online presence, minimising the risk of a costly data breach.

  • Enjoy expert support throughout the process
  • Includes cyber advice for 12 months

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Custom penetration testing service

Custom penetration testing service

Our custom penetration testing service is a tailored approach to security testing that addresses the specific vulnerabilities and threats unique to your systems and infrastructure. This approach involves a range of different penetration testing techniques and methodologies, such as network penetration testing, application security testing, and social engineering testing, to create a comprehensive and customised security solution. 

By utilising a range of specialised tools and techniques, our custom penetration testing plan can help identify weaknesses in your organisation’s security measures and develop an effective strategy to mitigate them. 

If you’re looking for a personalised approach to strengthening your security defences, contact us today for a free audit to set up a custom penetration testing plan.

  • Enjoy expert support throughout the process
  • Receive a tailored penetration testing package unique to your business
  • Includes cyber advice for 12 months

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Penetration Testing FAQ

How long does a penetration test take?

The duration depends upon the scope and complexity of the application. The usual range is from a few days to several weeks. The time frame will be agreed upon in advance before the engagement begins.

What will be delivered at the end of the penetration test?

You will receive a detailed report that outlines the identified vulnerabilities, their severity, and recommendations for remediation. Additionally, you may receive a debriefing session or a presentation to discuss the findings and suggested mitigation strategies. The outputs can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Will the penetration test disrupt my application's availability?

We take precautions to minimise any impact on the availability of your application during the testing process. However, there might be instances where specific tests or vulnerabilities could cause temporary disruptions. Such risks are communicated and agreed upon beforehand.

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