IT Vulnerability Scanning

Prevention is better than cure. Identify and address vulnerabilities within your IT systems before the become exposed by cyber criminals.

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It’s impossible to prevent issues if you don’t know they’re there.

Our vulnerability scanning is an automated, high-level test that identifies flaws in your security, allowing us to proactively respond before these issues are exploited. Proactive vulnerability management can, in most cases, eliminate detected vulnerabilities before an issue occurs.

Proactive methodology

By the time you’ve suffered a security breach, it’s too late. Identifying security gaps and plugging them in advance ensures your business’ security is robust. By minimising vulnerabilities, the majority of known exploits used by online criminals are useless.

PCI approved

All of our scans are carried out using PCI approved scanning vendors to ensure the highest quality.

Comprehensive service

Our full network scans check everywhere, scanning each individual aspect of your system to guarantee complete coverage.

Tailored IT vulnerability scanning

Tackle the source.

By generating a complete understanding of your security system using an executive overview, we identify not only the issue, but the root cause of the problem. This means we don’t just respond to the surface level – we tackle the problem and make sure it doesn’t come back

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Full network scanning.

We work closely with your IT teams to offer a comprehensive service. This includes full network scans of your computers, systems and networks, as well as external IP scans to provide an attacker’s eye view of what services are available. This lets us assess your status from an internal and external perspective which is essential in the present climate of online criminal activity.

All of our assessments can be conducted remotely or on site at your request. Remote assessments enable us to work around your schedules with minimal impact on your routine business operations.

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Not a one-off gig.

Our scanning can be set to perform automatically on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to help your team keep on top of everything and to enable decision makers to plan a sound security strategy.

By conducting regular vulnerability assessments, you can proactively eliminate risks to your infrastructure on your terms. In most cases, the remediation activity carries a very low cost, enabling companies to focus on the bigger, more challenging issues while greatly reducing the probability of a cyber breach.

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