ISO 27001 Consultancy

ISO 27001 is a globally recognised standard for maintaining a robust and centrally managed Information Security Management System (ISMS). We provide expert information governance consultancy and support, helping companies to achieve certification in a pain-free, cost effective manner.

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Why work with Assure?

We believe that the ISO 27001 certification process doesn’t need to be complicated. We have the skills and experience required to to simplify everything, helping our clients to produce professionally written policy documents while facilitating speedy and straightforward compliance.

As an independent entity, we can work with your preferred ISO 27001 certification body, or provide objective guidance on which scheme would best suit your organisation’s needs.

Proven Track record

With our 4.8* rating on Trustpilot, you can rest assured knowing that all of our ISO 27001 clients have been successful at external audit stages with no major non-compliances.

Independent expertise

Our team of experienced consultants provide bespoke information governance advice, and can provide a bespoke support package to best suit your requirements.

Simple and Cost Effective

We make gaining certification simple, low cost and accessible. We do this by tailoring our service to match our clients exact needs and requirements.

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Key Benefits

Demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to security and risk management, whilst reassuring customers, employees and stakeholders that their data is safe.

Our team of experts are on hand to help advise you on the installation process. We can facilitate all aspects of the ISMS installation, from policy and process creation to risk identification and management.

Minimise business risk

By protecting your organisation's assets from security breaches, you’re avoiding the associated legal, operational and financial detriments.

Gain a competitive advantage

ISO 27001 is a universally recognised standard and will enhance your reputation globally.


ISO 27001 is designed to be flexible and will adapt to your organisation as it changes and grows.

Access to tenders and contracts

Many contracts require suppliers to demonstrate appropriate information governance and controls. By adopting a recognised certification scheme, such as ISO 27001 or the IASME Information Governance standard, you can demonstrate contract compliance.

Reassure your stakeholders

Demonstrate that you’re taking the right steps to protect your own and your clients’ information.

Improve Business Performance

A correctly implemented ISMS will improve business performance and agility by enabling you to focus on protecting what is important and of value.

ISO 27001 (also known as ISO/IEC 27001:2013) is an international information security management system (ISMS) standard.

It’s a robust framework that enables organisations to demonstrate that their security and risk management approach meets industry best practice.

It provides reassurance that sensitive data, such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted by third parties is effectively governed and protected.

ISO 27001 is applicable across all industries and demonstrates how practices can be refined and adapts to your business as it evolves.

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Remaining compliant is crucial in any modern business.

We have the skills and experience to help your organisation achieve and maintain compliance quickly and effectively. Whether you are looking to handover the full certification process, or need specific support – from scoping and gap analysis, to implementation, internal audit and compliance maintenance, Assure Technical can assist with anything you need.

We can help you utilise software applications that contain professionally written policy documents and facilitate speedy and straightforward compliance.

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