Cyber Essentials Badge (High Res) Introduced by the UK Government in 2016, Cyber Essentials is an accredited scheme that provides a standard, straightforward and affordable approach to information security. 

From just £300 + VAT, we’ll provide you with all the support you need to achieve Cyber Essentials accreditation quickly and effectively.

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Key Cyber Essentials Benefits

Protection from Cyber Attack – When implemented correctly, Cyber Essentials will protect your organisation from up to 80% of cyber attacks.

Maximise Business Opportunities – Cyber Essentials accreditation is a prerequisite for organisations within the UK Government supply chain will provide you with access to £20bn of contract tenders each year.  It is likely to also become a prerequisite of Corporate tenders in the future.

Peace of Mind – Displaying the Cyber Essentials badge demonstrates to key internal and external stakeholders that you have robust information security measures in place and comply with a Government recognised standard.

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Readiness – GDPR comes into force in May 2018 and impacts all organisations that hold the personal data of EU citizens.  Cyber Essentials compliance will help you on your journey to becoming GDPR ready.

Automatic Cyber Liability Insurance – When an organisation with a turnover under £20,000,000 achieves certification covering their whole organisation to either the basic level of Cyber Essentials or the IASME Standard, they are automatically awarded Cyber Liability Insurance (terms apply).


Our Simple 3 -Step Certification Process

1. Complete and submit your Self-Assessment Questionnaire via our online portal – Our team of Cyber experts will be available to provide telephone support should you need it.

2. Questionnaire Assessment –  We’ll aim to assess your questionnaire within 2 working days.  You’ll receive a detailed Gap Analysis of any non-compliant responses.

3. Receive your Certificate –  As soon as you have met all of the Questionnaire criteria,  you’ll receive your Cyber Essentials Certificate!


Why Choose Us?

  • You’re in safe hands.  Assure Technical have been providing market leading, value for money expertise since 2011.
  • Telephone support and Questionnaire Gap Analysis, should it be required, is included in our basic Cyber Essentials price of £300 + VAT.
  • Our Cyber Essentials team are leaders in their field and will provide you with efficient, honest and jargon free advice and support.
  • We can provide you with certification in as little as 4 days.


The 5 Basic Information Security Measures

Certification is awarded to organisations who can demonstrate, through the completion of a Self Assessment Questionnaire, that they have 5 basic hygiene information security measures in place.  These are:

  • Malware protection – the use of appropriate anti-virus software
  • Patch management – having the necessary processes in place to update software
  • Access control – restricting software access to those who need it
  • Secure configuration – setting systems up securely
  • Boundary firewalls – preventing unauthorised systems access


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Cyber Essentials FAQs