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Assure Technical’s MD, Pete Rucinski, joins IMCSO Board in bid to help standardise Maritime Cyber Security

Assure Technical are proud to announce that it’s Managing Director, Pete Rucinski has joined the Board of Directors of the newly launched International Maritime Cyber Security Organisation (IMCSO).  

As the maritime sector becomes increasingly digitised, the IMCSO’s mission is to fortify ships and shipping operations against the rising threat of cyber incidents. 

This will be achieved through introducing standardised practices and certified experts, marking a significant milestone in enhancing and standardising cyber security practices across the global maritime industry.

Pete’s position as Chief Standards Officer within the IMCSO will significantly bolster Assure Technical’s maritime cyber security service offering. 

Digitisation of the Maritime Industry

The maritime industry is the backbone of global trade, with ships carrying the vast majority of goods across the world’s oceans. As these vessels rely increasingly on digital systems, they become prime targets for cyber threats. Recognising the need for stronger measures, the International Maritime Cyber Security Organisation (IMCSO) has been established to enhance and standardise practices across the shipping industry.

The Necessity of IMCSO for Maritime Security

Given the critical nature of maritime operations, cyber incidents can lead to severe disruptions, endangering lives and causing significant financial losses. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has mandated measures, but the approaches to implementing these measures have varied widely, leading to inconsistency and uncertainty.

IMCSO is a stakeholder community organisation operating as a not-for-profit and has been created to address these challenges. By standardising the qualifications of  professionals and the methods they use, IMCSO  aims to bring uniformity and reliability to the industry. This consistency helps to protect vessels from cyber risks and provides a clearer, more dependable picture of each vessel’s security status.

IMCSO’s Contributions to the Maritime Sector

Certification and Professional Register:

  • IMCSO provides a certification programme for consultants, ensuring they have the skills needed to safeguard maritime systems effectively.
  • Professionals can specialise in Maritime Cyber Security, gaining recognition as experts in these fields.
  • These certified professionals are listed in a professional register, making it easier for shipping companies to find and hire the right experts.

Standardised Reporting and Central Database:

  • IMCSO standardises assessment reports, removing confusion caused by differing methodologies.
  • A centralised database houses these reports, which can be accessed by authorised parties like port authorities and insurance providers to evaluate a vessel’s cyber risk accurately.
  • This standardised approach ensures each vessel’s risk profile is assessed consistently, providing reliable and clear insights.

Simplified Compliance and Operations:

  • With IMCSO’s structured processes, shipping companies can more easily meet the IMO’s requirements.
  • The organisation’s efforts reduce the complexities involved in risk assessments, leading to smoother and more efficient operations.

Leadership and Expertise

IMCSO’s leadership team comprises distinguished figures in the field of cyber security and maritime, who will spearhead the development of robust certification programs and standardising practices across the maritime industry.  

Campbell Murray: Steering IMCSO Towards Cyber Security Excellence

IMCSO’s CEO is Campbell Murray, a renowned expert in both offensive and defensive cyber security. Murray has been instrumental in setting global benchmarks for penetration testing over the past 25 years.

Campbell’s career is marked by his innovative approaches and relentless drive to stay ahead in the field. He is the visionary founder of the TigerScheme and Cyber Scheme, where he established global benchmarks for penetration testing used by governments and industries worldwide. His leadership in these initiatives has significantly enhanced the cyber security landscape, setting high standards for protecting digital infrastructures.

Campbell says

 “With the maritime industry becoming more digitised, effective cyber security is crucial. At IMCSO, we are focused on providing practical, standardised solutions to protect ships and ensure safe operations. Our aim is to make cyber security straightforward and reliable for everyone in the sector. Leading IMCSO allows me to contribute directly to safeguarding the industry’s future.”

Pete Rucinski: Providing a Blend of Maritime and Cyber Security Expertise

Assure Technical’s MD, Pete Rucinski, brings a wealth of expertise from his extensive career in maritime and cyber security. Pete’s journey began in the Royal Navy, where he gained deep insights into maritime operations and security. This foundation was crucial as he transitioned to the private sector, where he founded and established Assure Technical, a leading UK-based cyber security company. 

Over the years, Pete has focused on safeguarding maritime assets against a wide range of cyber threats, leveraging his unique blend of maritime knowledge and acumen.  Pete underscores the vital importance of these initiatives, stating:

“Maritime cyber security is no longer optional—it’s essential for safe and efficient operations. At IMCSO, we are dedicated to setting clear standards and certifying professionals who can effectively address these threats. Our work ensures that every vessel and company we support is better equipped to handle cyber risks. It’s rewarding to be part of an organisation that’s making a tangible difference in the maritime industry’s security landscape.”

As Chief Standard’s Officer, Pete’s contributions will be vital to the organisation’s mission of enhancing cyber security across the maritime sector. His expertise enables IMCSO to deliver innovative, practical solutions that transform complex security challenges into actionable strategies, ensuring that the industry remains resilient in the face of evolving cyber threats.

Industry Response and Benefits

The maritime community has welcomed IMCSO’s launch with enthusiasm. Key industry figures, including the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA), have expressed strong support for IMCSO’s initiatives. Here’s why:

Easier Compliance: By providing standardised risk assessments, IMCSO helps shipping companies meet regulatory requirements with less effort and time.

Access to Expertise: The professional register enables companies to quickly find and hire qualified professionals, ensuring they have the right personnel to protect their vessels.

Improved Risk Management: Access to reliable, standardised risk profiles allows companies to make better-informed decisions about their strategies and insurance needs.

Benefits for the Maritime Industry

Stronger Security: IMCSO’s initiatives lead to more consistent and robust measures across the industry, protecting vessels from potential cyber threats.

Operational Efficiency: Simplifying assessment processes minimises disruption to operations, allowing shipping companies to focus on their core activities.

Insightful Data: The central database of risk assessments tracks cyber risk trends, helping the industry respond more effectively to emerging threats.

Better Insurance Policies: With clear, reliable risk profiles, insurance providers can offer more accurate and fair policies that reflect the actual risks faced by each vessel.

A Safer Future for Maritime Operations

IMCSO is set to transform maritime by bringing clarity and consistency to the industry. As the shipping sector continues to advance technologically, the role of becomes increasingly important. IMCSO’s efforts to standardise and elevate practices will help the maritime world move forward with greater confidence.

For more information visit imcso.org or get in touch to speak to one of our maritime cyber security experts.

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