With recent advances in the simplification of Tracking, Locating & Monitoring technology, this capability has never been as affordable, or accessible.

Assure Technical can support you in implementing full spectrum of scalable solutions, from off the shelf to fully bespoke products.

We work with closely with our clients to understand their individual requirements, select the most appropriate technology platform, and ensure the delivery of effective and cost efficient solutions.

Asset Tracking

We have extensive experience of global asset management solutions. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their requirement and recommend the best solution for the job. Some products are delivered off the shelf and others are built to order to meet individual needs.

Employee Protection

The pressure on employers to demonstrate duty of care for employees in the field is rising, as is the need for employees need to understand the risks associated with their job. Increasingly, technology is being employed to provide cost effective and robust solutions.

We enable our clients to provide a effective and proactive duty of care, by ensuring the most suitable, reliable and cost effective platforms and solutions are implemented.

Mobile Resource Management

Mobile Resource Management provides huge benefits to an organisation. These include:

measurable return on investment
increased efficiency
improved customer service
real time and historical information to give proof of activity and attendance.
Whether you wish to deploy closest available team to a job, accurately record times of arrival and task completion, we can assess the most suitable solutions that work on a multitude of mobile devices including legacy handsets, PDAs and specialist hardware.