Security Audits

The best starting point for organisations looking to develop security strategies and investment plans. Rely on our expertise to identify your vulnerabilities and recommend cost effective improvements.

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Rely on our holistic approach to ensure that your IT, physical and procedural security measures are robust

With extensive security experience, our auditors are perfectly placed to deliver a holistic, overarching approach. Our team is always on hand to ensure any questions that you might have are answered in an easy to understand way and you'll receive comprehensive report outlining key vulnerabilities and recommendations for improvement.

World class expertise

Our team of accomplished security professionals have worked across all sectors, including government and military.

Identify your vulnerabilities

We’ll identify any security vulnerabilities and make suggestions for how to manage them.

Ongoing support

We can support you in procuring and delivering any security system improvements that your organisation requires.  Our equipment-flexible approach enables us to provide completely independent advice, guidance and support.

Our holistic security audits

It’s easy to become complacent with security.

The old adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ doesn’t apply here. Security threats are developing at an alarming rate, which means that if you don’t proactively improve your security systems, you’ll find yourself the victim of an attack at some point. The single most important factor is that your security measures are appropriate for your business and fully aligned with your defined risks.

Criminals don’t discriminate; every organisation keeps valuable data. Data breaches cause irreparable harm to a business’ reputation, universally damaging trust from consumers to stakeholders. Our security audit helps to protect both your physical and digital assets.

Cover your security program across all threat vectors.

Our holistic evaluation checks all aspects of your security: cyber security audits, physical security audits, procedural and process control. By offering a complete solution, we can ensure that you’re covered from every direction. We’ll identify any vulnerabilities and help you to solve specific security problems. In doing so, we can improve efficiencies while saving you money.

In addition to this, we’ll provide you with an invaluable roadmap for improving your security regimes to protect your information, people and physical assets long-term.

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We’re technical security experts, but we’re people first. We’re here to advise on anything technical security.

First class full service, couldn’t have asked for more. Knowledgeable with all the tools required. Assure Technical knew exactly what to do. Highly recommended.


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