Any area in which critical information is created, stored or communicated is at threat from information theft.

Our Threat Detection System identifies the following threats:

  • GSM Devices – including unathorised mobile phones, GSM bugs, tracking devices and network attack modems
  • WiFi devices – including WiFi audio and video bugs, rogue access points, unathorised WiFi devices, BYOD threats.
  • Radio Frequency devices – including audio and video bugs, bluetooth bugs, unathorised radio transmissions and jammers.


 24:7 Protection

By installing a our discrete Wireless Intrusion Detection System you will create a continuously protected area;  such as a Board room, CEO’s office, private residence, laboratory or specific event.  



Clients can choose to Monitor the system using their own in-house TSCM capability, or subscribe to our Remote Threat Monitoring Service

Key Benefits

  • 24:7 Protection, 365 days a year
  • Confidence that your most sensitive conversations can be kept private
  • Combines the benefits of professional spectral analysis tools with the simplicity and convenience of networked wireless detection products
  • Variety of Sensor types enable reaching the ultimate cost-benefit ratio for each facility
  • Supports the enforcement of BYOD or device free zones or events
  • System design unleashes the benefits of networked, comparative and rule based detection


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Please note – You should NOT call or email from any device or area you believe to be bugged.

We will undertake any legitimate technical security tasks to assist detect, identify and locate any active or passive devices which pose a threat to the integrity of an individual or organisation.  We will not undertake any security tasks where the perceived threat is a Law Enforcement Agency.