Assure Technical deliver government standard TSCM Surveys, otherwise known as Security Sweeps or Bug Sweeps.  These are an effective Counter Surveillance measure against Eavesdropping.

We support Corporate and Private clients in the UK and overseas, and we can respond at short notice to safeguard your assets and information.


World Renowned Expertise

We pride ourselves in providing a world-class service.  Our operators use state of the art technology and techniques to guarantee the privacy of our clients.

They have extensive Government, Military and Commercial experience, and have never failed to identify a Technical Surveillance Threat.


Your Privacy Guaranteed

During a TSCM Survey, we will assess the following active and passive technical threat vectors;

● Radio Frequency attacks

● GSM attacks

● Optical attacks

● Telephone and data line attacks

● Quick plant recording attacks


In addition to carrying out a physical search, your current level of threat, location vulnerability and internal policies and procedures will also be assessed.
Once a TSCM Survey is complete, our team will then provide you with

  • a verbal debrief presenting their findings
  • a 20-minute overview of Corporate Espionage threats (where circumstances permit)
  • a report highlighting any areas of weakness, perceived threats, and proposed courses of action to improve the technical security of your organisation, within 5 working days)

Continued Peace of Mind

Regular TSCM Health Checks, conducted by our highly experienced team of operators, will offer ongoing peace of mind and guidance to protect your information and privacy.


If you think you are under Surveillance 

Take the following steps to take effective course of action to protect your ongoing privacy:

1. Contact us as soon as possible from a safe area and device

2. Do not inform members of staff that a sweep is about to take place, as devices are often planted by an insider

3. Do not attempt to locate devices yourself as this could tamper with evidence if you decide to track down the perpetrator and press criminal charges

Even if you do not believe that you are currently under surveillance, we recommend that a proactive stance should be taken by undertaking a TSCM Survey within information critical areas of your organisation.


Contact Us Today for a confidential discussion regarding your requirements

Please note:  We will undertake any legitimate technical security tasks to assist detect, identify and locate any active or passive devices which pose a threat to the integrity of an individual or organisation.  We will not undertake any security tasks where the perceived threat is a Law Enforcement Agency.