In order to effectively manage the risks of Corporate Espionage resulting from eavesdropping, it is necessary to first understand the Threat and how to mitigate against it.

Our TSCM Corporate Espionage Awareness Courses provide an overview of what is possible and available to those who may wish to employ Technical Surveillance against their organisation.

TSCM Procurement Courses then provide you with a through understanding of how to best mitigate against these threats and enable you to scope out the most effective TSCM Procurement strategy for your business.

Courses can be tailored to your exact requirement and delivered to individuals, management teams or groups of employees as part of a team meeting, either at your organisation’s premises, or at our dedicated UK based TSCM training facilities.

Sessions can last anything between 2 hours and a full day, depending on your requirement and are delivered by Government level operators, who are up to date with the latest Threats and technological advances in the arena of Technical Surveillance and privacy protection.

This video provides a short overview of the Threat of Technical Surveillance:



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