In an environment where employees are allocated company mobile phones, there is an inherent risk of misuse.

A regular audit of mobile devices within an organisation can effectively highlight the need for culture change or to support a targeted covert operation to secure evidence against an individual.

Our team of mobile audit experts deploy across the UK and Europe to provide a bespoke service, specific to our clients needs.


Our Unique Solution

We offer a unique company mobile phone audit solution, but extracting all of the data from a mobile handset electronically.

We provide the following information to the client in an active PDF format.

  • messages
  • call history
  • web browsing history
  • images taken/viewed
  • geographic locations which shows where the handset has been located.

Evidence can then be used to educate and deter employees, or in some severe cases, assist HR in discipline procedures.

Key Mobile Phone Audit Benefits:

  • Immediate Reduction in Cost of calls and data use
  • Increased productivity through identifying where people have been located during working hours
  • Identify Unauthorised Activity
  • Identify Unlawful Activity
  • Protect Organisational Reputation
  • Effective HR Tool


We recognise that the information obtained during any audit process is confidential and must be handled in accordance with data protection.


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