With today’s pervasive Cyber threats, we strongly advise a proactive strategy to protect you business. Conducting a Cyber Security Assessment  will help you meet regulatory requirements, assess your IT asset value, and calculate the potential Cyber risk to your business.

Cyber Expertise you can Trust

Our team consists of individuals who considered amongst the UK’s leading Cyber experts.  They have extensive Government and Commercial experience, which ensures they will complete the task with minimal impact on your business.  They will work in partnership with your organisation, and act with integrity and discretion at every stage of the process.

Cyber Security Assessment Approach

As part of a Cyber Security Assessment, we will audit your business processes and systems thoroughly.  We will then produce a thorough Vulnerability and Recommendation Report.

Phase 1:  Understanding Your Business

Our experts would visit your offices and focus on understanding your business; what you do, who/where your clients are, what important information you hold, how information is moved and stored, how your staff work etc.

Phase 2:  Understanding Your Technology

Our experts would again visit your offices, this time focused more on the technical elements of your business; management of IT, patching, network security, what security products you use, remote access solutions etc.

Phase 3:   Vulnerability & Recommendation Report

A comprehensive and easy to understand report will be produced, covering all aspects of the Review, and and making recommendations for any further security improvements.

Comprehensive Cyber Security Services

Whatever your requirement, we offer a comprehensive suite of Cyber Services that can be tailored to any business. These include:

  • Risk Assessments
  • TSCM Services
  • Penetration Testing
  • Training
  • Bespoke Analysis
  • Forensics and Secure IT Solutions

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