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What do I need to do to get certified?

Cyber Essentials certification is awarded to organisations who have submitted a Self Assessment Questionnaire to a Cyber Essentials certified body, and can demonstrate that five key information security controls are in place across their internet facing.

You can initiate your path to Cyber Essentials certification today, by selecting one of our fixed-price service packages that have been designed to suit clients with varying levels of in-house cyber security expertise, budgets and timeframes.


Which of my systems are in scope for Cyber Essentials?

Ultimately, it is down to you to choose which of your systems are in-scope for Cyber Essentials. As a general rule, you should include all Internet end user devices that are connected to the Internet. It is also recommended that you include other Internet facing systems, such as email or application servers.


We have an experienced IT department. Is Cyber Essentials really necessary?

As well as Cyber Essentials being a prerequisite to an expanding number of business opportunities, it provides a valuable audit of your current information system practices.

Displaying the Cyber Essentials badge on your website and within your literature will also provide reassurance to your customers and other stakeholders that you have robust Cyber Security measures in place.


What happens if I struggle to implement the necessary Information Security measures to obtain Cyber Essentials?

Don’t worry. We can provide you with all the support you need to help you achieve Cyber Essentials certification.

Call us today on +44(0)1684 252 770 to see how we can help.


I need Cyber Essentials quickly. How long does the certification process take?

The process is generally quick. Once we have received your completed your Self Assessment questionnaire, we will aim to assess it within 2 working days. Assuming all of the answers you provide are compliant, your Cyber Essentials report and certificate will be distributed right away.


What happens if my organisation fails the Self Assessment Questionnaire?

Don’t worry. You will have two working days to examine your questionnaire feedback and change any simple issues.   We will re-assess your answers at no extra charge.

If you still fail after these two days, you’ll need to re-apply and will incur the assessment fee again.

If you think you may need support with this process, Our Remote Support and On-site Support packages include an initial gap analysis of your questions to help ensure you pass first time.


What happens if I need extra support completing the Self Assessment Questionnaire?

We provide tailored Cyber Essentials packages to suit your level of internal expertise, budget and timeframe.



How to I keep my Cyber Essentials Certification up to date?

It is recommended that your organisation maintains it’s Cyber Essentials certification to combat the every growing number of cyber security threats.

An annual re-assessment will ensure that your organisation remains protected and maintains the Cyber Essentials benchmark.


How will I receive my questionnaire feedback?

We will provide you with a document that details all of the Self Assessment answers you submitted. It will also include any feedback from our assessor in respect of any non-compliant responses.


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