If you work in the field of Security the need for protecting information is a given.  However, businesses that invest thousands, or even millions on Physical Security and protecting themselves from perceived Cyber threats, often fail to protect themselves against the threat of information loss through eavesdropping.

A wide range of eavesdropping devices are utilised for the purpose of Corporate Espionage, ranging from readily available Commercial devices to highly sophisticated Government standard devices.


Your Privacy Protected

In order to ensure your information is protected from the threat of Technical Surveillance, it is necessary to employ highly skilled TSCM operators using state of the art equipment and techniques.

Our highly trained operators employ unique tactics and are considered international experts in their field. Many have extensive British Military or Government experience and all undergo a rigorous selection and training process.  This includes live attack operational exercises to ensure their skills are sharp enough to deal with the most demanding of situations. Their ‘can do’ attitude ensures our clients’ objectives are delivered within timescale and budget.

Our team work on behalf of UK and Foreign Governments, high net worth individuals and major Commercial industries such as Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals and Financial Services.

We work in partnership with our clients to enable them to take a proactive stance against Technical Surveillance by identifying their threats and vulnerabilities and recommending strategies in order to minimise these risks.


Comprehensive Service Offering

Assure Technical provides a comprehensive range of Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) Services, more commonly referred to as Counter Eavesdropping or Bug Sweeping.   Our services include:

TSCM Surveys – a systematic physical and electronic examination (commonly referred to as a ‘sweep’) of a designated area to identify electronic eavesdropping devices, security hazards or security weaknesses. A detailed Survey report is provided, detailing key threats and vulnerabilities and recommending the most effective mitigation strategies.

TSCM Corporate Espionage Awareness & Procurement Courses –a client briefing that provides an overview of the types of Technical Surveillance devices that exist; the threat of Corporate Espionage resulting from Technical Surveillance specific to your industry; and recommendations what preventative action can be taken.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Audits – a physical audit to identify any uncontrolled and unregulated personal devices within your premises that could pose a Cyber security or eavesdropping threat.

Secured Meetings – a pre-meeting Technical Surveillance Survey is followed by live monitoring during key meetings to ensure sensitive information remains confidential during key meetings.

TSCM Training – we deliver state of the art training designed to build Corporate in-house TSCM knowledge and capability.

TSCM Health Checks  – following a Technical Surveillance Survey, periodic Health Checks can be conducted to protect your ongoing security.  They identify any changes to previously recorded frequency signatures and include a cursory physical examination for the presence of Quick Plant Devices (QPDs).  Each Health Check is followed up with a 1 page Survey Report.

Work-Issued Mobile Phone Audits – data from a work-issued mobile phone device is extracted electronically. This data is then provided to the Customer in an active pdf format. The data includes all web browsing, calls, messages, pictures (included deleted items) and geographic position by time.


This video provides an overview of the threat of Corporate Surveillance:



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Please note – You should NOT call or email from any device or area you believe to be bugged.

We will undertake any legitimate technical security tasks to assist detect, identify and locate any active or passive devices which pose a threat to the integrity of an individual or organisation.  We will not undertake any security tasks where the perceived threat is a Law Enforcement Agency.