Cyber crime is a growing threat, with a staggering 24% of businesses experiencing information security breaches each year*.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just the big banks and corporations that are at risk from sophisticated and targeted attacks.  The vast majority of cyber crime is committed using readily available software to penetrate poorly protected internet facing systems.  Victims are often small business, educational institutions, health providers and charities.

What would you do if you your customer database was stolen, your website forced offline or you couldn’t access business critical data?

Cyber breaches not only cause system damage and data loss, but often results in lasting reputational damage.   Their resolution often involves significant unplanned spend and resourcing, and lengthy periods of disruption.

Without appropriate information security controls in place, you’re an easy target.

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Assure Technical provides a comprehensive range of cyber security services to ensure your information is protected –  from cyber Essentials accreditation, to high-level briefing sessions designed to demystify Cyber threats and explain what they mean for your business.

Additional Services include:

Our experienced team consists of leading UK Cyber experts with proven track records in delivering efficient, honest and jargon-free advice and support to a wide range of clients.


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*Source: 2016 Cyber Security Breaches Survey